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Hello everybody, my Name is Vernon James.

About two weeks ago, I was watching late night tv and as I flipped through the channels looking for something interesting, I spotted it.

A Commercial About The Rich Dad Education Seminar.

I decided to watch it, I mean, what could it hurt, it's not like I am going to buy anything. For the next 20 minutes or so, I was amazed at what could arguably be the most amazing thing to ever be placed on tv. As I continued to watch it, they gave some dates for the Rich Dad Education Seminar in Modesto, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, California, but I did not have a pen to write them down, so I went to their website to get more information.

As I continued to read through their information, I discovered that there was so much money being made, so many testimonials, so much proof of ease and simplicity. It sounded, too good, to be true. I was thinking there is just something not right here.

You know what I mean? Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam?

I decided to do more research about the Rich Dad Poor Dad Education Seminars in Biloxi, Mississippi - Mobile, Alabama - Pensacola Beach, Florida. I went to my favorite search engine and I typed in, rich dad poor dad review, I typed in Rich Dad Education, rich dad review, rich dad scam, rich dad poor dad scam, rich dad seminar.

As I read through page, after page of information. I discovered that there are 21 haunting nightmares that hundreds have already discovered about the Rich Dad Education Seminars.

This was some scary, scary stuff.

So I kept digging for more information about the Rich Dad Education Seminar Coming to Biloxi, Mississippi - Mobile, Alabama - Pensacola Beach, Florida. I kept digging and digging, hoping I could find a solution to all of these nightmares and whether or not the rich dad education was a scam.

I Found a Dude...

As I continued to dig, I found a dude. It turns out he used to be an investment seminar instructor. He was one for 15 or 20 years, or so. He has since left the business about 3 or 4 years ago. He wrote a guide about investment seminars.

The title of the guide was: How to Survive Your Next Investment Seminar.

This guide seemed pretty interesting, so I downloaded it and I read it. It goes into detail about the differences between preview, fulfillment, and sales seminars.

This report was so controversial; it was actually the foundation of an article featured in Consumers Digest magazine.

After hearing that, I knew I had to read it. It was some of the most eye opening information I had ever read.

This guy reveals some real insider stuff.
Stuff only seminar leaders would know

Things like: How to determine if you are going to learn or just be sold.

He talks about things like; where you choose to sit and what that reveals about how you think.

I mean, when you walk into a seminar room, where you choose to sit reveals a lot about who you are as a person. I used to just sit in the middle rows, on the end so I could get out of there if I had to. But what that really means is… Well, you just need to read the report and find out for yourself.

He talks about how they separate the buyers from the tire kickers.

He talks about why they don’t want you to talk to each other in the room.

The more I read the guide, the more I thought about the rich dad education seminars coming to Biloxi, Mississippi - Mobile, Alabama - Pensacola Beach, Florida and the more I thought: This could be too good to be true.

There is some truth out there and I have found it.

In fact, this guide was so controversial that the guy who wrote it got a nasty cease and desist letter from a well known investment seminar company, because the information was so closely guarded they didn’t want outsiders to know about it.

So, I started to get concerned about the 21 Nightmares I had discovered.

I sent this guy an email. I asked him if he would talk to me about what I had discovered. He said yes. Just give me a call. I called him up and asked him about the 21 nightmares and what he thought about them.

We must have talked for over an hour and he spilled his guts about this stuff.

It was amazingly eye opening.

The more we talked, the more I knew I had toget this information out. I recorded the call. I don’t know if I was supposed to because I didn’t ask. Once we hung up, I called my girl friend and asked her if she could type out the conversation for me.

If you are thinking about attending any investment seminar in Biloxi, Mississippi - Mobile, Alabama - Pensacola Beach, Florida; you must read this guide. You must read the How To Survive Your Next Investment Seminar guide.

I am not sure if it is still being sold at the moment, but I’ll personally e-mail you if I can arrange to get the guide for you to download. I can’t promise anything. But, if I find the download link I will email it to you.


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